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The Temporary Help Services Interactive Data Book is an easy-to-use strategic planning and operational benchmarking tool designed specifically for the staffing industry presenting a variety of market measurements.

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How it can be used for:


Strategic planning purposes to help identify growing markets and possibilities for expansion or contraction.  It is imperative to not only choose the right locations for expansion but also which locations to avoid. The value of this information confirms the real estate adage of the importance of location, location, location as the economy continues to improve, albeit at a slower rate.

Specifically, this information can be used to identify market areas where temporary help services are growing as well as contracting.

But this information should not be utilized in isolation to other local market developments. It should be employed as a springboard for further research as to why certain local temporary help trends, which this information identifies, are occurring.



Market wide performance measurements to compare against your specific staffing company office and market performance via a variety of operating ratios. In brief, what is your share of the market and are your offices performing up to the overall market?

If the office have exceeded the market, perhaps the staff should be rewarded with performance-related bonuses. If they haven’t, then a closer examination of that office’s operations is called for – are the marketing efforts sufficient to get your service in front of potential customers? … are those marketing efforts targeted to the right type of businesses? … is current management failing to identify opportunities? A direct and honest answer to those questions and the solutions to fix any possible problems are your keys to your future success.

Benefits & Features


Compares your company’s performance to the temporary help market,


Calculates your market share in detail,


Automatically calculates several different operating matrices using that data, and


Presents all the data and results, including your market share, via easy-to-view graphics.

Although the standard Temporary Help Services Interactive Data Book contains data at the county level on a state basis, it is available on a metropolitan basis as well.

The Temporary Help Services Interactive Data Book enables the user to benchmark their office/company performance against local trends.


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