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Designed specifically for the staffing industry as a marketing tool to help the industry identify potential markets, the Employment Tracking Tool examines the overall employment trends by industry in the given market to help determine possibly under-serviced industries to target marketing efforts (as well as what industries to avoid). This employment research tool looks at detailed employment statistics to help you determine the market demographics and marketing potential for your staffing company and/or temporary help service.

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Key Benefits


To help determine how much employment activity is occurring by industry.


Then, to help the strategic planning process to help determine what industries have marketing potential for staffing services.

You have the choice of a Employment Tracking Tool at the three-digit or four-digit NAICS level at the state and/or county levels; it is also available at the metropolitan level on a customized basis. Depending upon the size of the market, there are about 90 industries available for examination at the three-digit NAICS level; at the four-digit level, about 150 to 200 or more industrial sectors are presented .

 The Employment Tracking Tool shows local employment activity by industry and identifies growing markets and possibilities for expansion or contraction.


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